Creation of Worthing Support – Worthing COVID-19 Information Website

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Worthing Panorama
Worthing Panorama

In March 2020, in response to the coronavirus pandemic, I created a Worthing COVID-19 Information Website specifically for Worthing, West Sussex.

About the Worthing COVID-19 Information Website

The website, Worthing Support, helps residents of Worthing find their closest COVID-19 Facebook neighbourhood group.

There is a street search facility where residents can type in their street name and be directed to their closest COVID-19 Facebook neighbourhood group.

On the News Page, there are articles of topical interest that specifically relate to Worthing.

Of particular importance during the pandemic, there is information about how residents can access local and national help lines that deal with topics such as isolating and domestic abuse, mental health and problems with drinking.

There is also content of a more light-hearted recreational nature where visitors can see photographs of Worthing and view virtual tours of attractions in Worthing and West Sussex.

Visit the Worthing Support website now.

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