Wimbledonvisitor.com Re-design

Screenshot of Wimbledonvisitor.com
Screenshot of Wimbledonvisitor.com

Wimbledonvisitor.com is a portal for Wimbledon in south west London.  This is a large website that has tourist information for Wimbledon, as well as a local accommodation directory where guest houses and hotels are listed on a commercial basis.

Tourist information portals depend on easy sharing of information by website visitors and this has been enabled by prominent social sharing links that allow sharing of individual pages via Facebook, Twitter text messaging, Facebook Messenger and by other social networks.

Ease of accessibility features are a feature of the website and an important requirement was use of a large default font size that can, if necessary, be enlarged by a one-click facility that allows visitors to increase the font size according to their needs.

Sufficient whitespace around elements of navigation, images and text allow for an uncluttered view. 

The portal is easy to navigate as no part of the website is further than two clicks away from the visitor.  This has been achieved by using a drop-down navigation menu that lets visitors easily reach many pages that cannot be shown on the main navigation menu.

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