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Web Design Project

Stop By In Worthing (launched in summer 2018), is a new Airbnb home in Worthing West Sussex, with its own website.

To enable prospective customers to request a booking via Airbnb, the website has links to the host’s own profile on Airbnb.

The WordPress theme I used for the design is a professional theme created by Automattic, who are the people behind WordPress.  The theme was chosen because of its ability to portray a business in a more “arty” form.  On the home page the theme has a tall full-bleed image that stretches right across the visitors screen, thus giving immediate visual impact.

An unusual option for blog pages (or news pages), is the theme’s ability to show content in split mode, with a tall and striking image to the left and associated text to the right.

The theme works equally well for for businesses that have a blog, or those that want a more static presence without a blog.

The theme is ideal for hotels, bed and breakfasts, artists and food related businesses.  I would hesitate to use the theme where a more sober and less arty experience is required, such as for an accountancy firm.

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