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Discover little known tramway information, often off beaten tracks and not always available in English on other websites.

A Tatra T3 tram on the The Kryvyi Rih Metro

Kryvyi Rih Metro in Ukraine

The Kryvyi Rih Metro system is in the Ukranian city of Kryvyi Rih and is part of the much larger Kryvyi Rih tramway network.

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Trams painted by artists

Trams painted by artists

Travel with me across continents in trams painted by artists. Sometimes it’s sunny, other times rainy and stormy. We’ll freeze in the snow while queuing for the tram. We’ll hang onto the tram because we need to get there. But we’ll always look for a tram in the sunshine.

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Tram in Wenduine

The Kusttram Through Images

This article is about the Kusttram interurban tram service that links the towns and smaller communities along the West Flanders coast of Belgium. The Kusttram, with 67 stops and 67 kilometres in length is the longest tram route in the world.

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Trams in Cieszyn

Trams in Cieszyn and Těšín

This article is about the trams in Cieszyn that used to run later on as international trams between divided Polish Cieszyn and Czech Těšín.

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Tram route 38 in Bytom

Tram Route 38 in Bytom Poland

This daily scheduled tram route is one of the iconic historical visiting points of Bytom. Passengers and tourists can use the route at regular tramway prices.

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Tram bound for Katowice

Transit Tram Journeys in Upper Silesia

This article is about pre World War II historical aspects of the Upper Silesian tramway network. Find out about the history of cross-border and transit tram travel in Upper Silesia and how these difficult journeys affected people of the region.

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Tram in Sosnowiec

Experience Upper Silesia through tram journeys

I have written this article from the perspective of a tram enthusiast. Hopefully, you will be able to virtually experience the tramway sensory excitement of sites, sounds and smells of day-to-day life in the urban and rural settings of the Upper Silesian Tramway.

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Basel Tramway

Cross-Border Tram Lines

There are just four examples of cross-border tram lines bridging the divide between communities based in different countries.

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