Roadmap To Recovery Spring 2021

This article was originally published by me on Worthing Support is a not-for-profit website portal for all the Facebook COVID-19 support groups in Worthing, West Sussex.

On 22nd February 2021, the UK government published its recovery plan: COVID-19 Response – Spring 2021.

The publication is also referred to on various internet resources as The Road To Recovery, The Roadmap, Roadmap and Roadmap out of lockdown.

Direct links where you can view the roadmap to recovery plan on the government’s website

Here is the direct link where you can view this PDF document on the government’s website.

Here is the direct link where you can view this publication in various printer friendly formats, including a large print version.

Image gallery of associated government infographics within the publication

Please note that these infographics are extracts from the government’s roadmap to recovery publication. The full publication, as linked to above, should be read to receive the full context.

You can click on any infographic to view a full-sized version.

The Four Tests

The goals of each test have to be achieved before implementation of the next steps of the roadmap to recovery plan

The Four Tests
The Four Tests

Roadmap To Recovery Plan

Step 1 8 march and 29 March
Step 1. 8 March and 29 March
Step 2
Step 2. No earlier than 12 April
Step 3
Step 3. No earlier than 17 May
Step 4
Step 4. No earlier than 21 June

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