The Old Bakehouse Tarring

Sunny Worthing

I recently moved to Tarring in Worthing!

I feel very privileged to live in this most beautiful and historic mediaeval village.

Sunny Worthing

Southern Region posters: Creative Commons image attribution: Science Museum Group. Science Museum Group Collection Online

“Sunny Worthing” is a marketing phrase coined in the 1930s, with the idea of promoting Worthing as an all year holiday destination.

The term remained in use until the 1970s, and could be seen on posters like these two examples issued by Southern Region British Railways.

Sunny Worthing – New Marketing Strategy

In 2009 Worthing Town Centre Initiative revived the phrase, which is now once more widely used to promote Worthing.

I love Sunny Worthing Club

You can join the I Love Sunny Worthing Club and benefit from voucher offers from participating Worthing businesses.

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