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The photographs on this page are all top quality and sourced from a professional image library.  The photographs are also in the public domain.

Your website will only look as good as the photographs you provide me with.  With really good shots you will impress potential customers, as they may view your service by the quality of the images they see.

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A Tiled Mosaic

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 Photography Advice

It is not difficult to take good photographs and I would like to share with you a couple of tips that cover important aspects of successful photography.

The Camera or Smartphone are Important

The camera or smartphone quality are important

Use a good camera.  You can also achieve great results if using a smartphone with a top-end camera.

Composing a Photograph

When composing your photo, remember the “rule of thirds”.  As a basic example, a side-on image of a person looking to the right will look better if their face has more space to the right, than to the left.

Photographs composed in this way, with the person in the photo roughly one third in, and looking at the view roughly two thirds before them, will look more spacious and natural.

Man fishing
The Rule of Thirds

Similarly a landscape with sky will often look better with the land roughly in the lower third and the sky roughly in the upper two thirds.  An exception would be if the sky was so exciting that it merited more emphasis.  In that case you could reverse the composition, giving the sky a greater proportion in the upper two thirds of the picture.

A sea view
The Rule of Thirds

Remember that these rules are just established guides so please, after reading this, do not try to compose your photographs with mathematical precision.

In a short time you will get used to the rule of thirds concept and your photos will be all the better for it.

Watch a Television Nature Documentary

The rule of thirds

Next time you watch a television nature documentary, observe how the photography consistently follows this rule of thirds.  Remember that TV camera operators are highly trained and the rule of thirds will be their guiding principal to achieving the most striking results.

Best For You – Best For Me

The reason I have explained these basic photography rules is that I wish to portray your business or service, and mine, in the best possible light.

Now, that’s a win-win situation for both of us!

I can create a website to showcase your business.  If you would like me to do this for you, just contact me.

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