Jetpack Plans and VaultPress Backups for Your WordPress Site


I use the free and paid-for features of Jetpack

First some clarity

Vaultpress is a WordPress specific backup service owned by Automattic, who run the WordPress platform used by many websites.  I use Vaultpress on all the websites I look after.

Jetpack is a WordPress plugin that has free and paid-for features.  Jetpack is also an Automattic owned company.

In November 2016 Jetpack and VaultPress combined into Jetpack Plans, some of which include the VaultPress backup service.

There are four Jetpack plans, starting from free to paid-for plans.

The Jetpack Plugin

Jetpack is one master plugin that can be installed on your WordPress website.  Once installed, there are additional modules that can be activated or deactivated as required.

Some of the most useful free modules in Jetpack

Jetpack Stats
Jetpack Stats

Site stats

Once activated you will be able to see daily and historical website analytical information covering days, weeks, months and years.  These statistics are not as detailed as those in Google Analytics but they will show you how many visitors came, which website referred them and the search engines they found you on.  The stats will also show on which external link a visitor clicked to leave your website.

Brute Force Protection

If you activate Jetpack’s Brute Force module (called Protect), this will limit the number of incorrect login attempts that a person or malicious automated software can make on your WordPress login page.


Jetpack Monitor email
Jetpack Monitor email

When this module is activated, you will receive an email notification each time Jetpack’s monitor detects that your website is down.  You will continue to receive email notifications from Monitor until your website is back up.  When your website is back on-line, Monitor will let you know, together with the total time that your website was unavailable.


WordPress comes with its own gallery setting which can result in somewhat visually unappealing displays.  If you activate the Tiled Galleries feature, you will have more attractive options for displaying your galleries.

Jetpack support is available on all plans, including Jetpack free.

The above is a short run-down of some of the free features in Jetpack.

Starting 24th March 2019 and running till 10th March 2019, you will receive a 20% discount on any Jetpack / Vaultpress plan.

To receive the offer, you will need to visit Jetpack (using the link below) and purchase a plan:

Visit the plans page on Jetpack

At the checkout, quote coupon code:


Disclosure: I am an affiliate of Jetpack / VaultPress.  This means that I may receive commission if you purchase a plan after clicking the link above.


Viewing backups in VaultPress
Viewing backups in VaultPress

The VaultPress backup service is available through the Jetpacks paid for plans, which cost from $3.50 per month for the Personal Plan.  On the  Personal Plan your complete website, including content and database will be backed up once a day.  Backups are stored on the VaultPress servers which means you are not reliant on backups that your web host should provide.

The Personal Plan keeps 30 days worth of backups and if necessary you can restore any of them to your website in just a few clicks.

It is also possible to restore a backup to an alternative web address, should you wish to have a second live copy of your website.

If you do this you may wish to change your WordPress settings (Dashboard > Settings > Reading > and tick the box for Search Engine Visibility), to discourage search engines from indexing the second website.

This is important as normally you would not wish a second copy of your website to be indexed by Google or by any other search engine.  You can also download the backups to your own computer.

VaultPress offers a support service to help you setup your backups and restores.

Disclosure: I am now an affiliate of Jetpack / VaultPress.  This means that I may receive commission if you purchase a plan after clicking the link above.

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