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Jetpack Contact Form Datepicker

With the release of Jetpack 5.4 on 3rd October 2017, Jetpack added a datepicker field to its contact form.

This is much needed functionality that is standard on many other forms.  Without it you had to rely on your your visitors to manually type in dates, hoping that they would get it right.

Review and Test of the Jetpack Datepicker

I have given the new datepicker a test run and am very pleased with the new functionality – you can see an example in the screenshot above.

The datepicker does not integrate with any backend booking systems, but you will receive an email that shows the dates entered.

As always, user form submissions are sent to you by email (there are fields for entering multiple email addresses) and additionally the form results are stored in your WordPress database, accessible from the dashboard under Feedback.

Here is an example screenshot of a form submission:

Jetpack Datepicker emailed form
Jetpack Datepicker emailed form

The datepicker field in Jetpack Contact Forms is a superb addition to this excellent contact form.

You can find out more about the free Jetpack contact form on the official Jetpack website.

Disclosure: I am an affiliate of Jetpack / VaultPress.  This means that I may receive commission if you purchase a plan after clicking the link above.  The Jetpack Contact Forms are free.

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