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Is Facebook your only business internet presence?

Many businesses create a Facebook page to promote their service.  This is easy to do because no web creation skills are requied.  All you need are some, preferably good photographs that showcase your business and some basic contact information.  It is also easy to post to your Facebook profile.  Importantly, Facebook is also a free service.

I create WordPress websites – that look good on all devices

To create a great looking, yet affordable websites for my customers, I use WordPress and a free professional Open-source WordPress theme.

There is no Facebook to WordPress import tool available.  However, I can manually import your Facebook content (including your images), at a very affordable cost.

Because Facebook pages are usually thin on content, you will need to provide me with a longer, more comprehensive description of your business service.  I can then lay this out for you in an attractive format, that will appeal to you and your customers.

The website I can create for you will have the following characteristics

  • It will be visually attractive, uncluttered and easy to navigate.
  • It will look great on a PC, tablet and smartphone.
  • If you have a Facebook business page*, you could have your Facebook page posts embedded on your website!
  • This means that you could continue posting on Facebook and with no further effort on your part, your posts would also appear on your website, in real time!
  • If you tweet, I could set up your Twitter feed to show up real time on your website too.
  • I will create your website to have the best chance of being well placed in Google.

* More about Facebook Business Pages

It is against the Facebook terms of use to use your personal account to promote your business.  Yes, I know, lots of people do exactly that.  However, if Facebook finds out, you are likely to lose access to your Facebook personal account.  It is fine to cross promote though.  For instance, on your Facebook personal profile you can mention that you have a separate Facebook business page and direct your friends to the page, but I would not advise you to go any further than that.  For this reason I am only able to embed a feed that references your official Facebook Business Page.

I can create your website using information on your Facebook business page

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