Church Website Examples – Traditional and Modern

Church website
Screenshot of a church website – Traditional style. Click for a larger image.

I have created a demonstration church website that shows you how I could create a traditional or a modern worship presence for you.

Example modern church website
Screenshot of a church website – modern style.  Click for full size screenshot

I explain about some of the most frequently found pages on church websites and provide examples of how a web design by me could promote your church.

On the demonstration website, you will be able to take a short tour of those important pages and read my advice as to how I could work with you to achieve the look and feel that reflects your church.

An example Who's Who church page
An example Who’s Who church page.  Click for full size screenshot

I explain about the importance of responsive web design so that your website looks great on desktops, laptops, tablets and on smartphones.

Fr. Robert from St. Olave’s Church in Mitcham said:

I am delighted to wholeheartedly recommend Andrzej Rodziewicz to anyone looking to have an excellent, attractive, easy to maintain website.  I frequently receive comments of appreciation about the Website he designed for my Church.  At every stage during the set up process, he consulted and explained different options to ensure an excellent end result. Whether you are a business, a voluntary organisation, or a religious organisation, Andrzej is your man for websites!

Read much more on my Demonstration Website.  (This is an external link and it opens in a new browser window)

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