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Header image of Windmill Road on Wimbledon Common: © South Coast View

While the pandemic restrictions are with us, please come with me on a virtual visit of views and attractions in Wimbledon.

Wimbledon is a leafy and peaceful village in south west London that dramatically changes its tranquil character every June and July.

This annual transformation has been happening since the 19th century when the Wimbledon tennis championships started.

Wimbledon is ready for tennis

The first signs that something really big is about to happen in Wimbledon becomes noticeable about one month before the tennis tournament in Church Road begins in the last week of June. Close by in Wimbledon Village, shops, restaurants and pubs begin sprucing up their facades. Hanging baskets with beautiful floral displays are suddenly suspended from every lamppost and equally impressive flower boxes adorn every possible windowsill. Wimbledon is ready for tennis.

Tennis match image attribution: I went to Wimbledon, CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons

A tennis match at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club
A tennis match at the All England Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club

Wimbledon Station

Wimbledon Station, situated in the main commercial part of Wimbledon, sees the first visitors arriving several days or even a week before the tournament. Everywhere you look, you can see tourists wheeling suitcases, waiting for buses and taxis, en route to their many pre-arranged short-let flats, houses, hotels and guest houses in and around Wimbledon.

You can’t help feeling the charged atmosphere; everyone is full of anticipation, just waiting for the tournament to start.

Photograph of Wimbledon Station © South Coast View

Wimbledon Station
Wimbledon Station

Many attractions in Wimbledon

Whatever the weather, there is always something for visitors to see and do in and around Wimbledon. The variety of attractions together with the superb selection of shops, bars, multi-complex cinema and theatres await tourists who get spoilt for leisure choices. Apart from the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum, there is the Wimbledon Society Museum of Local History and the Windmill Museum, depicting the history of windmills.

Photograph of the Wimbledon Windmill © South Coast View

The Wimbledon Windmill

Merton Abbey Mills – A craft market

Visit Merton Abbey Mills – an exciting craft market complex with a historic, fully working Victorian water mill, just south of Wimbledon. Close to the craft market there are restaurants and a pub where you can sit and relax on the bank of River Wandle.

Photograph of Merton Abbey Mills: Public domain

Merton Abbey Mills
Merton Abbey Mills

Merton Priory – an important archaeological site

Merton Priory is an important archaeological site, sometimes referred to as Merton Abbey. Merton Priory was founded in 1117 as an Augustinian priory and was taken by Crown forces in 1538 during the dissolution of the monasteries. Subsequently, the Priory buildings were destroyed and today only the foundations remain. The site is accessible only on special occasions.

Photograph of Merton Priory: Peter Trimming / Merton Priory / CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikipedia

Merton Priory
Merton Priory

Shopping, Food & Drink and Theatres

Visitors seeking shopping can go to Wimbledon High Street, a delightful olde worlde area full of small independent shops, selling everything from food to high fashion.

The High Street also contains many pubs, restaurants and bars. Wimbledon Town, by Wimbledon Railway Station, offers a large shopping centre plus many good shops in the surrounding streets.

Wimbledon doesn’t disappoint those seeking entertainment either.

The New Wimbledon Theatre stages many top quality shows and operas. There are also two theatres for children: the Polka Theatre in Wimbledon Broadway and the Colour House Theatre in Merton Abbey Mills.

Photograph of New Wimbledon Theatre: © South Coast View

New Wimbledon Theatre

Wimbledon, one of the most attractive and safe of London’s suburbs, has lots to offer. Spend some time exploring it: Culture, sport, relaxation,shopping, great scenery and excellent accommodation.

Photo Gallery of views and Attractions in Wimbledon

Photo gallery images © South Coast View apart from the last photograph of Merton Abbey Mills, which is in the public domain.

Great memories will always be with you once you leave Wimbledon – and they don’t have to be anything to do with tennis.

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The words on this page and most images are © South Coast View. This article (© South Coast View), previously appeared on the Wimbledon Visitor website.

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