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Promote Your Airbnb Listing on Your Own Website

Buy a domain name to promote your listing

Your own website address
Your own website address

Apart from your valuable listing with Airbnb, there is nothing to stop you having a separate website and directing all booking enquiries to your main Airbnb listing.

Alternatively, like many hosts, you can do a bit of both.  Let your website work for those customers who come to you first and wish to book directly with you, but also provide them with the link to your Airbnb account, should they prefer to book via Airbnb.

Domain names are really inexpensive and a two year .co.uk domain name can cost you less than £10.00 for two years, depending on whom you purchase from.

Let website visitors share your content

Sharing buttons
Let visitors easily share your bed and breakfast website with others

Make it super easy for your visitors to share your content by adding social media sharing buttons to your website.

Have associated Facebook Page and Twitter accounts

Find us on Facebook button
Let visitors easily visit your Facebook Page

It is against Facebook’s terms of use to promote your business through a personal Facebook account.  Even though many people do this, I advise you not to.  If Facebook finds out, it is likely that access to your Facebook personal account will be blocked.  There is no problem in cross promoting though.  On your Facebook personal profile, just mention that you have a separate Facebook business page and direct your friends to the page.  I am only able to embed a feed that points to your official Facebook Business Page.

If you have a Twitter account promoting your bed and breakfast, ensure you also have a button that links to your Twitter feed.

More information about Facebook and Twitter pages.

Have an “Out and About” page

An out and about page
Visitors want to know what they can see and do

Ensure you let your potential customers know what they can see and do in your area.  Many guests want to know about shops, restaurants, pubs, visitor attractions and nearby places of worship.

Put up customer testimonials on your website

Ensure you have customer testimonials on your website

Airbnb lets guests rate your accommodation.  You can have testimonials on your website too, provided they have been given directly to you and you keep written records of them.  I do not advise you to copy any reviews that are on the Airbnb platform as this could involve you in copyright issues.

Include your House Manual

A house manual
A Welcome House Manual

Airbnb already lets you create a House Manual and I strongly recommend you have one.  You can include a version of your House Manual on your website too.

I can create a website to showcase your bed and breakfast

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