Andrzej Rodziewicz
Andrzej Rodziewicz

Andrzej Rodziewicz (a.k.a. Andre Rodziewicz) is the owner and webmaster at and

Wimbledon Visitor, founded in 2000, is often the first website that tourists and visitors to Wimbledon come across when searching the internet for Wimbledon related information.

Andrzej is skilled in WordPress, Dreamweaver and has a City & Guilds certification in C++ computer programming.  He has 17 years experience of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and uses this skill at Wimbledon Visitor to promote the website and its advertisers using ethical SEO methods.

Andrzej can design your Personal, Business, Charity or Bio website.

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Andrzej was born in 1953 in London and is second generation Polish.  His parents came to the UK as displaced persons in 1946.  He is bilingual in Polish and English and frequently visits Poland with his English wife Nina, where they have extensive family connections.

In his personal life, Andrzej enjoys going to church.  His interests include music of all types ranging from popular to classical.  He has a particularly strong interest in church music.  Andrzej has a Licentiate piano teaching qualification of LLCM(TD) from the London College of Music.

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