A Personal, Family, Small Business or Charity website, at an affordable cost
Customers finding your business, throughout the UK and beyond

The following are important benefits to you

Free WordPress Professional theme, customised to your needs
Full on-page Search Engine Optimisation
Free basic website statistics
A simple website is very affordable

Fr. Robert from St. Olave’s Church said:

I am delighted to wholeheartedly recommend Andrzej Rodziewicz to anyone looking to have an excellent, attractive, easy to maintain website.  I frequently receive comments of appreciation about the Website he designed for my Church.  At every stage during the set up process, he consulted and explained different options to ensure an excellent end result.  Whether you are a business, a voluntary organisation, or a religious organisation, Andrzej is your man for websites!

I recommend you use separate providers for your

Domain name
Website hosting
Website designer
Website backup service

Should a provider cease trading, you will only need to source one of the above elements to get your website back up and running.

Domain name and website hosting

Domain name search
Searching for a domain name

I recommend you purchase a domain name and hosting yourself and I can offer you guidance about this.

The only prerequisite for hosting is that your hosting provider offers

The technical requirements for WordPress
One click WordPress install

Most providers do support WordPress and I can offer guidance on this.

A .co.uk domain can be purchased for between £6 and £10 + VAT for two years, depending on the domain registrar you buy from.

Web hosting for a small personal or business website can cost from £30 + VAT per year and prices depend on which hosting provider you buy from and, importantly the quality of the hosting.  Again, I can advise you about hosting.

My requirements for creating your website

All I ask is that you supply me with a logo (in electronic format, according to my specifications), all website copy and good quality images.

A logo example

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Internet search
I will offer you the best opportunity of being found on the web

I have over 19 years of SEO experience and will, as part of your website build, search engine optimise your website so that you have the best opportunity of being found on the internet, ahead of your competitors.

After completion of your website

Once I have completed your website, you can decide if you would like me to continue updating your website at my hourly rate.

Who will own the website I create for you?

You will own the website – it will be your copyright.

Would someone else be able to take over my website?

Absolutely.  I do not believe that you should be tied to one web designer.

About your WordPress and Hosting login details

Once I have completed your website I will produce a Credentials Document that you will be able to download from a secure server.  This document will contain the login parameters to every aspect of your website and hosting.  The document will enable you or another designer quickly gain access to all elements of your website.

Website Backup Service

Jetpack Logo
Secure off-site backups available on selected Jetpack Plans

Most web hosts will automatically backup your website, hopefully every 24 hours, or at a minimum, once a week.  However, if your web host disappears and you do not have a separate off-site backup available, you will be unable to restore your site.

For off-site website backups on this website and on all websites I manage, I use Jetpack / VaultPress.*

This is a paid-for service and costs from £3.00 per month.  The £3.00 plan is suitable for the majority of small websites and is the plan you will need to have so that I (or you) can restore your website if necessary.

*Disclosure: I am an affiliate of Jetpack/Vaultpress.  This means that I may receive commission if you purchase a plan after clicking the above link.  The price you pay for the Jetpack/Vaultpress backup service is not affected by any commission I may receive.

Read my in-depth article about Jetpack and VaultPress

Vaultpress has a “one click” browser based restore facility, making it the easiest backup and restore service available.

To chat about your website, just contact me by phone or email.  My contact page is here.

Advice is free if you are looking for a website designer

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