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I am the the editor and webmaster of this website and Worthingsupport.co.uk. Worthing Support is a group website supporting the various Facebook COVID-19 support groups throughout Worthing. Both the websites are not-for-profit.

About South Coast View

I post articles about a variety of subjects that are often of topical interest. You will also find niche content that is of specific interest to me.

The main focus of articles on this website is history and in particular Polish history. You will also notice that I have a keen interest in tramway history.

Many of my articles are off the beaten track and some are presented here on the internet for the first time in English.

Where articles may be of interest to users in languages other than English, please look for the Google translate buttons near the top of those articles.

For example, one of my latest articles on this website is about the legacy of the Polish soldiers in Haiti that were sent to the island by Napoleon in 1802 and 1803. That article has three Google translate buttons that will automatically translate the content into Haitian Creole, French and Polish.

Please bear in mind that these are Google machine translations that may not always accurately convey the sense of what I wrote in English.

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Map location showing Polish Haitians in Cazale

Polish Haitians in Cazale, Haiti

In the past, the Cazaliens relationship and view of the far-away land of Poland was somewhat abstract. In recent years this has greatly changed due to better access to education and overseas journalists and tourists who have visited Cazale, for the purpose of research and tourism.
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Trams painted by artists

Trams painted by artists

Travel with me across continents in trams painted by artists. Sometimes it's sunny, other times rainy and stormy. We'll freeze in the snow while queuing for the tram. We'll hang onto the tram because we need to get there. But we'll always look for a tram in the sunshine.
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